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The Pocket Guide to
Disaster Safety & Survival
Stay Safe America TM

The Pocket Guide to Disaster Safety & Survival

Our message is clear: "You Can Stay Safe and Survive Disasters." Thousands of Americans and people throughout the world have died or been injured due to natural and man-made disasters including storms, earthquakes, industrial accidents and deadly attacks. This Guide is designed to help everyone plan, prepare and survive these emergencies.

The Concept
Stay Safe America is a system of 11 charts printed on both sides of a single Printing Sheet and folded to fit in a number 11 envelope. The purpose of this public service document is to help persons plan and survive a number of disaster conditions. These include hurricanes and floods, tornados and earthquakes, being stranded in a winter blizzard and lost in the wilderness. Also included are long-term survival at home and evacuation planning. We have prepared information on surviving biological, chemical and radiological attacks or accidents. We list survival supplies and we even suggest items for a commuter safety and survival kit. Unfortunately, all of these scenarios occur frequently and many persons are not prepared to stay safe and survive. We began the design of this document during the evacuation from Hurricane Katrina. It took several months to conduct the research and design.

Copies of this Guide are now available for your employees, customers and other groups and organizations. A sample copy can be obtained by calling Florida Graphic Printing.

The Guide is available:
  1. Printed and shipped directly to you.
  2. Printed and shipped directly to you with matching envelopes
  3. Printed, inserted into matching envelopes with your letter or notice, then addressed and mailed directly by us, to your U.S. mailing list.
Call (386)-253-4532 for specific price quotes and for information about our direct mail service using your customer or employee mailing list.

The Authors and Publishers:
  • MEDPsych Systems, Inc., has specialized in the forensic analysis of complex injury matters since 1983. MEDPsych serves the casualty insurance and law communities throughout the United States.
  • Florida Graphic Printing, is a full service publishing house located in Daytona Beach, Florida with 42 years of quality printing experience.
  • Peter Silvain PhD, is a former U.S. Marine, State Police Sergeant, Chief Federal Investigator and is currently a Clinical Associate Professor at a Washington, DC, medical school. He has conducted over 500 lectures, seminars and classes for the insurance, law and medical communities.
  • Pamela Silvain PhD, is the author of an 800 page medical / law text. She is an Assistant Professor and specializes in the forensic analysis of psychological injury, brain syndromes, depressive illness and anxiety conditions including Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.
We are dedicated to your safety and will move quickly to print and ship your Guides. Thank you for your interest in our research and publishing services.

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